Yuba elBoda Boda Review

The Yuba elBoda Boda is known for its fun beautiful designs, colors, and sturdy rear racks with running boards that can be used to carry a second passenger.

This electric bike includes a built in BionX 350 HT motor system which is located in the rear wheel. The motor is combined with a 37 volt Lithium-ion battery pack which offers 9.6 amp hours of power. The battery is light weight, fits seamlessly under the rear rack and can be charged on or off the bike. The BionX system offers four modes of assist and four modes of regeneration so we can put energy back into the battery when coasting down hills almost like an engine brake on a car.

Some nice features of the bike are:
1) It offers trigger throttle mode and pedal assist modes with four power settings.
2) Lots of great accessories for baskets, racks, children’s seats or a rear pad and rear handlebar for kids learning to ride.
3) Oversized kickstand stabilizes the bike and works very well.

One drawback of the bike is that, it has no front light or fenders.Read the complete review from

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