Xtracycle EdgeRunner Electric 27D Review

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner 27D is a safe, comfortable, durable, and sturdy electric cargo bike. The bike’s small 20” rear wheel sets it apart and makes loading children easy. Every EdgeRunner is made out of chromoly steel, which is reliable, strong, and lightweight.

The bike has a 350 watt gearless motor built right into the smaller rear wheel. The advantages of this design include increased torque and better traction. The bike uses the BionX PL 350 which is a very capable and proven system that offers a throttle mode, four modes of pedal assist and four modes of regeneration as well as regenerative braking! The bike has a 48 volt Lithium-ion battery pack that offers
8.8 amp hours of power.The battery pack is removable and can be charged on or off the bike.

Some notable features of the bike are:

  • Front and rear disc brakes keep large loads under control, upgradable to hydraulic for easier braking.
  • Lots of great rack options for hauling cargo or kids including the Yepp child seat.
  • Large oversized tires offer some cushion from bumps and cracks.

The bike is available in two sizes and four colors. Read the complete review from

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