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Why car companies should make an e-bike, but won’t

Unlike a traditional bicycle an electric bike requires the rider to pedal but provides an electric boost.

And an e-bike is becoming more and more popular in overcrowded cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.  The number of e-bikes in China has ridden rapidly and surpassed 200 million.

Bicycling, viewed mostly as a secondary option in the USA, is typically taken up as exercise, to go short distances or as a sport. So it’s hard to see how a motorized bicycle that starts at about $1,000 fits into all of this. Probably it is the high time to think how to lessen the negative impact on the environment.

But unfortunately, only one car company actually has an e-bike in production. This has led some experts to believe that car companies have launched such concepts merely as a vanity project to soup up their reputation as environmentally friendly. In Germany and the Netherlands, at least 1 in 10 bicyclists rides an e-bike. Read full story here.

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