Volton Alation ST 500 Review

The Volton Alation ST 500 is a great ebike that looks nice, comes in three color options (red, white and black), and it offers good power, value and balance.

As the name ‘Volton Alation ST 500’ implies, the bike has a strong 500 watt geared motor which provides more torque but doesn’t weigh as much as a gearless equivalent. This motor on the Alation ST really shines in off road and hill climbing applications because it’s just so powerful. The motor is paired with a 36 volt Lithium-Polymer battery pack which offers 11 amp hours of capacity. Battery pack is mounted inside downtube keeping weight low and centered, improving balance. Besides, the battery pack is removable and it can be charged off the bike which is very convenient for commuting or if we don’t have room inside for the entire bike.

Other mentionable features of the bike are:
1) Front shock is smooth with good travel and offers lockout to reduce bob when riding on-road.
2) LCD computer is intuitive, shows speed battery capacity and range and has a breakout set of buttons that are easy to reach when riding.
3) 26″ wheels improve leverage for the motor and rider when climbing.

This bike is available in three nice color schemes, red, white and black. Read the complete review from

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