Vintage Electric Bikes E-Tracker Review

The E-Tracker is a high speed capable electric bicycle modeled after the gasoline powered track racing bikes of the early 1900’s. Those motorcycles were raced on wood-planked motodromes in the US (modeled after European velodromes for bicycles) that included steep banked corners and bleachers for crowds of paying race fans. With the onset of the Great Depression in America during the 1930’s and the high price of resurfacing the tracks, this sport quickly died out. What Vintage Electric Bikes has created in the E-Tracker is a single speed electric moped that cultivates nostalgia and delivers high speed “off road” use at ~36 mph or lower speed “street legal” at 20 mph in the US. It’s also legal in Europe if you select the optional ~$130 cadence sensor. My experience testing this ebike was mixed, I actually spent two separate days with it to fully explore the features and handling. It performs best under throttle power and isn’t much fun to pedal if you run out of juice given the ~72 pound footprint and single speed drivetrain. The squishy balloon tires and premium Brooks sprung saddle were comfortable enough but in many ways this is a showpiece and there are lots of opportunities for improvement that I’ll dig into below. Read the full review.

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