VeloMini 3 Speed Review

The VeloMini 3 Speed bike offers three internal gears for pedaling at various speeds along with pedal assist and twist throttle electric modes. You might ask, what do we really get extra from this bike if we compare it with VeloMini 1 Speed?

We get some extras. For example:

  • the VeloMini 3 Speed offers three additional colors: black, blue and red
  • we get 50% more amp hours in the battery pack
  • six months of additional warranty time on the battery pack
  •  we get two extra gears

The bike has a 180 watt front hub motor with 24 volt Lithium-ion battery battery pack. The Lithium-ion battery pack is tucked inside the square aluminum downtube and isn’t easily removable. The frame of the bike is designed to create space between the seat and handlebars, positioning the rider for more stability, comfort and easier pedaling.

The bike includes carry strap, charger, seat racks, baskets, lights, a trailer and carry bags. The company offers one year warranty for the frame and battery pack. simple and intuitive controls are durable.Read the complete review from

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