VeloMini 1 Speed Review

The 1 Speed VeloMini is one of the lightest weight of the ultra compact folding electric bikes available anywhere. The bike offers both pedal assist and twist throttle mode. It is so light weight that it is easy to lift with one hand and carry on the subway, bus or even store in an RV or boat.

The bike has a 180 watt motor paired with a smaller 24 volt 6 amp hour battery pack.The folding design of the bike is very unique. The seatpost connects to the downtube in two places and forms a triangle when in riding mode that offers great structural support. When completely folded the bike gets long and flat, in part because the 12″ wheels don’t stick up, and this means we can store it on end without using much space.

The maximum allowable weight for the VeloMini is 230 lbs which is a bit more than the comparable bob from e-Mazing Innovations.The company offers solid 1 year warranty for frame with 6 month warranty for the battery.Lots of fun accessories including seat racks, baskets, lights, a trailer and carry bags.Read the complete review from

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