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Ubco 2×2, the Two-Wheel Drive Electric Enduro Bike

Many electric bikes do pretty much the same thing and look the same. The Ubco 2×2 stands tall and proud. This two-wheeler looks a bit different and behaves differently from the rest, delivering true all-terrain capabilities from a fairly light package and increased terrainability thanks to it’s 2wd system. 

It packs two air-cooled brushless hub motors, one in each wheel, with a combined power of 2,000 watts, and that’s roughly 2.7 hp. The Ubco 2×2 feels more like a motorcycle.

Developed in New Zealand by Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal, the Ubco 2×2 can be a farmer’s ride of choice, and thanks to its zero-emissions and dead-quiet operation it can also be a fun recreational vehicle for trail riders, fishermen, or hunters. Further applications include police work, firefighters, ambulance, relief, and military, while generic commuting and various city errands are also on the list.

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