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Touring E-Bike Factories In China: Giant, Golden Wheel, & Yadea

In this report we will take a look at the assembly facilities of Giant Bicycles, Golden Wheel Bicycles, and Yadea.
Giant Bicycles is a well known bicycle company in the world. They manufacture complete bikes for their brand as well as other brands. Giant currently has around 10,000 employees worldwide and they make a wide variety of traditional bicycles that are sold in markets all over the world. Giant makes about 300,000 electric bikes a year. 150,000 of the e-bikes are for the Chinese market and they are mostly this scooter style e-bike.

Golden Wheel has an impressive facility which includes melting aluminum to create their own aluminum frame tubes! They make steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber frames in addition to suspension forks, handlebars, seats, cranks and chain wheels.

Yadea is one of the larger e-bike companies for the Chinese market and they make 3.2 million bikes a year with distribution in China, Europe, U.S., and many other countries. They claim to have 10-15% of the Chinese LEV (light electric vehicle) market share. Read full story.

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