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The Pedego Electric Bike Makes Exercise Look (and Feel) Easy

The Pedego Electric Bike is a colorful, sleek-looking beach cruiser bike with a battery pack that allows one to decide when and how much one should exercise, and when one should just twist the throttle and glide with nary a foot-pound or coulomb expended.

The bike has a lithium-ion battery pack that offers more power and range than ever before. Instead of three bucks a gallon, Pedego owners spend a dime’s worth of electricity to fuel voyages of up to 60 miles, depending on the voltage capacity of the battery.

People who wouldn’t otherwise deign to put their leg muscles to work wind up losing considerable amounts of weight on a Pedego, assuming they don’t always crank the throttle wide open. In “pedal assist” mode, one chooses just how much help you’d like the battery to provide. Little by little we find ourself asking for less and less assistance and burning more calories!

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