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The Karmic Koben Is An Electric Bike Built For Commuters

The Karmic Koben is a new electronic bike that will be in production soon. The Karmic bike features a detachable battery and a 350-watt, pedal-assist motor that will have users pushing about the same amount of power as if they were professional cyclists. Despite having a motor and battery pack attached, the Karmic bike is designed to be lighter than most other e-bikes on the market.

Final specs and prices are yet to be finalized, but Karmic plans to have a version that will weigh about 36 pounds and cost less than $2,000 at retail. That version will likely be available on KickStarter for closer to $1,500, however. That’s about what a nice road bike costs these days, so it’s not crazy expensive.

 The startup also plans to have a carbon fiber version with Chris King wheels that will weigh about 30 pounds and be priced closer to $2,500.
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