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The Bicycle of the Future Will Warn Its Rider When a Car Is About to Hit It

The intelligent bicycle counts on solely the rider to prevent accidents from happening, by warning the rider. Designed by the Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), a Dutch agency that is currently experimenting with all sorts of new traffic safety technologies, the smart bike will alarm you whenever a vehicle is getting too close.

The electric bicycle has a radar mounted below the handlebars that detect the range and speed of oncoming obstacles. In the back, a camera system attached to the rear fender uses image processing to detect multiple vehicles at the same time. All the data is then sorted by an advanced algorithm, filtering out which obstacles are important and calculating how much time is left before a possible crash.

For the obstacles located in front, the handlebars will vibrate, while anything coming from the back will translate into the saddle vibrating. Like Volvo’s new system, the Dutch bike is also based on the simple fact that most accidents happen because the people involved don’t see then coming.

Original story from Auto Evolution here. 

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