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The Bicycle of the Future, Cargo Bike vs. Smart Bike

The growing popularity of bicycles these days is remarkable, and also not surprising.

Biking is healthy, environmentally friendly, highly convenient and most of all, affordable. But which way will technology take the two wheeler? It is human nature to want to perfect something that appears to be popular. As soon as more people start expressing interest, regardless of the reason, the technology starts developing so fast, that in no time at all it only remotely resembles its original. Take mobile phones, electronics, cars, even computer games, all these are great examples.

This is why I decided to talk about something quite out of the ordinary, and that is the cargo bike and how it stands against the latest super fancy smart bicycles. Over the past few years, there is an increasing trend among the designers, engineers and inventors to make electric bikes that are much faster than the conventional ones with pedals, orsmart bikes that are connected to phones and do all sorts of things, the latest one even has avibrating seat to warn the rider if a car is driving closely.

See original story by Mila Luleva for The Green Optomist here. 

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