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On Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would begin cracking down on electric bikes. While e-bikes are legal to own in New York, riders can face harsh penalties of up to $500 when they are used on city streets. Starting next year, businesses that employ

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  The Flash electric bike, which was just launched via Indiegogo a few days ago, has already tripled its crowdfunding goal. It must be hitting all the right sweet spots with potential e-bike riders with its “evolved” design that integrates a number of features geared toward making the bike safe,

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The E3 Protour uses a Currie Electro-Drive/TranzX M25 motor that has a 500 watt center drive motor that goes up to 28 mph. Thanks to a 417-watt hour battery, it has a range up to 35 miles. Other highlights include an integrated down tube battery. Read the full story here.

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A stylish step through ebike with all the commuter features.  Cargo rack and fenders a must for an all weather bike. Stylish frame and a great saddle are the cherry on top. Read the full story here. by

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A new commuter electric bike with real style.  Some commuter bikes take a function first approach, and rightly so. But this bike has great looks, while still having the functional things you want, like good fenders and fatter tires.  Well done! Read the full story here. by

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Stromer commuter bike wins awards.  But no award for the range claim.  Oh sure, it’s possible.  But ride it at a typical 20 mph commute speed, and it will go the same distance as any other e bike with the same size battery, going the same speed. Nothing magic here.

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Shocke Bikes adds two more dutch style commuters to its line. Funding on indiegogo, two new models feature the same dutch commuter bike touches, this time with step through frames. Read the full story here. by

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