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Sunstar Announces Filing of Patent Infringement Action in Germany Against Bafang

On 19 August 2014, Sunstar Giken Kabushiki Kaisha and Sunstar Singapore Pte Ltd (Sunstar) filed a court action against Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor Science Technology Co., Ltd. (Bafang) for infringement of the German part of its European patent EP 2 143 628, by Bafang’s electric mid-motor “BBS01″.

Sunstar claims injunctive relief and damages from Bafang. The complaint was filed with the Regional Court Düsseldorf (court docket 4a O 82/14) and served on Bafang during the Eurobike 2014 tradeshow, which is held from August 26 to 30 in Friedrichshafen.Read full story here.

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