Stromer ST1 Platinum Review

The ST1 Platinum is well designed bike that rides smooth and looks great. It offers more gears, higher top speed, better range, front shock option and two colors to choose from (black and white).

This bike offers regenerative braking and the motor is activated via torque sensor vs. the simpler pedalec system. It truly feels like we’re flying when we ride this bike! The bike has a 500 watt rear motor combined with 36 volt battery pack which offers 14.5 amp hours of range in the form of Lithium Nickel Metal Hydride cells.The LCD computer system is intuitive, sleek and well protected and it offers the standard speed, capacity and power settings we’d expect. There’s an on/off switch and two buttons for up and down which control the different pedal modes.

There are 27 gears to choose from for all types of riding conditions.Besides, 14.5 amp hours battery provides more power than the Stromer ST1 Elite. Overall, the bike is fun to ride, looks amazing, comes in multiple sizes for a good fit.For someone who is looking for a top performer and can afford a bike that costs as much as the name implies, this might be a good fit.Read the complete review from

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