Stromer Sport Review

The Stromer Sport is a high powered electric bike that looks beautiful. Its controller, battery and wires are all integrated for a beautiful aesthetic.

The combination of thin, fast rolling tires, firm narrow seat, aluminum build and racy geometry make this bike feel more like a road bike than a cruiser or hybrid. The bike has a 500 Watt brusless, gearless rear hub motor driven by a 36 Volt 10 amp hour battery. One interesting thing is that although the motor is rated and labeled as 500w, it actually drives at 600w based on the configuration.

The bike offers four levels of pedal assist, including Economy, City, Tour and Power. In pedal assist mode, the system senses pressure automatically and then matches it according to the pressure. The main benefit of this design choice is responsiveness; the motor starts and stops as you pedal with minimal delay. Read the complete review from

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