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Shimano Focuses Further on E-Bikes

Shimano, Inc. is a Japanese multinational company famous for manufacturing cycling components, fishing tackle, and rowing equipment.

It’s Model Year 2016 program contains a series of components which shows the company further focuses on e-bike components. SD-C6000 is the top model among three rollerbrakes in it’s Model Year 2016 program. The model is specifically designed to provide sufficient braking power for a total weight of 130 kilograms (bike + rider). That makes this new brake specifically suitable for use on e-bikes.

Shimano Symphomatic is the combination of the STEPS drive units DU-E6001 & DU-E6010 and the new Nexus-8 Di2 compatible hubs. The drive unit temporary reduce the chain tension while pedaling, which allows the hub to change in the correct gear. So a rider does not have to worry about riding in the right gear, because the system takes care of it. Shimano’s e-bike components also available for sportive off road riding. Original story by Jack Oortwijn for Bike Europe. Read full story.

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