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Shimano Conquers e-bike Market With Smart and Light System

Shimano, known for bicycle components, has launched a new integrated system for e-bikes. At the end of February, the high tech lightweight Shimano STEPS system immediately won the Dutch Bike Innovation Award 2015 and since then has already been installed in  23 bicycle brands, including well-known brands such as Trek, Cortine and Cannondale.

Using sensor technology information about torque, speed, cadence and crank position is gathered. This ensures smooth and optimally aligned pedalling power. The e-bike system stops when the cyclist has achieved a speed of 25 kilometres per hr. The battery has a capacity of 418Wh, has to be recharged after four hrs and after 1,000 recharges still holds the same capacity.

With the eco mode on the bicycle computer, cyclists can cycle up to 120 kilometres. It even boasts a walking support function that helps push the bicycle up slopes up to 6 kilometres per hour.

In the future, the e-bike system will be further supplemented with innovative parts, recently additions include the Nexus-8 Di2 hub. This ensures that the electric bicycle shifts automatically, just like the automatic gear box of a car. See full story here.

SOURCE Shimano Benelux B.V.

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