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Lopifit (RTV Drenthe YouTube still)

Bruin Bergmeester built the prototype of his invention, called the Lopifit, in his living room in the evenings and weekends. The inventor did not like sitting on a bike, after a long day sitting in an office.  So he combined a walking treadmill with an electric bike. The result is

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  Sway Motorsports, a Palo Alto-based company that makes tilting three-wheel electric scooters, entered theShark Tank on May 15. The sway, a tilting three wheel trike, will ride more like a bike, but safer. Wilcox understood the safety issues of riding on two-wheelers. “The main problem with two-wheelers is that they

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How ToNew Electric Bikes

Whether you’re purchasing your very first electric bicycle, or adding another to your collection, you’ll always have a number of decisions to make when you’re picking out your bike. Some are purely aesthetic considerations: which color do you want, or what sort of accessories will it have? Others are more

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Don DiCostanzo Co-Founder and CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes After 30 years in the automotive world, Don started an electric bicycle shop in Newport Beach, California. This was a labor of love. Over time, he developed an interest in electric cycling and tried to find quality electric bikes for his bicycle

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By Edward Benjamin April 2016, Senior Managing Director   eCycleElectric Consultants, Chairman   Light Electric Vehicle Association, Recovering Bicycle Shop Owner, Bicycle Mechanic   I claim to have some affinity for the trade and skill of turning wrenches on bicycles. Although I also acknowledge that I am out of date

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Electric bikes get over 500 mph equivalent. Really?  Yes, really.  A very interesting discussion of transportation efficiency by Zach Kapfil. Zach has been a design engineer involved with electric bike design and other projects that maximize efficiency, lowering the amounts of energy, water, and other resources used. This fascinating talk compares

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