S.P.A Bicicletto

SPA is a very old luxury/sport car company from Torino

SPA has been revived in 2014 to manage designing a series of electric vehicles.  Below is a faux blueprint for the marketing campaign, which is a stylish addition to the advertising package. This E-bike is clearly a nostalgic tribute to the Boardtrack racers of the early 1900’s.

This is an E-bike that cares more about style than performance. I’m not saying that style is unimportant, it’s just that this limited edition E-bike will be very expensive, and will will appeal to a buyer who appreciates a beautiful and exclusive product. The power system is provided by the Italian company “Move your life”. It is a simple rear geared hub, using a 36V battery pack that is located in the downtube, and power is limited to 250W-500W (depending on the laws in the country of sale). The faux “gas tank” is a very useful storage compartment.  Original post by Ron/Spinningmagnets for Electric Bike report  See original post here.




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