(Prototype) Faraday Porteur Review

The Faraday Porteur is one of the lightest full size electric bikes around at 40lbs. The design of the bike really speaks for itself.It has eight gears in total.

The bike has a 350w front hub motor and a fully integrated battery pack. The control unit is simple and easy to use, mounted on left handlebar. A light-up strip displays battery capacity and three pedal modes (off, low and high). Since its weight is under 40lbs, it’s easy to carry up stairs, as well as light enough to pedal effectively in off-mode. For the type of person who already rides a traditional bike to work or around town, the Faraday Porteur offers something almost magical.

Although the bike has no throttle mode or computer display to track distance or speed,simplicity is part of what makes this bike attractive. The bike is available in small, medium or large to fit a broad range of rider body types: S (51cm), M (55cm), L (59cm). Read the complete review from

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