ProdecoTech Phantom X Review

The ProdecoTech Phantom X is an entry level and affordable electric bike. The design is very approachable with a three step startup that includes inserting the key, pressing the power button and activating the throttle.

The bike has a powerful 500 watt gearless motor that’s smooth and quiet. It uses three hall sensors, which is standard, but lacks some torque. The battery pack uses Lithium Iron Phosphate cells and is rated at 38.4 volts of power and 9 amp hours of capacity. The battery pack is removable for convenient charging or to reduce the weight of the bike for transport. A small plastic console displays estimated battery capacity using three LED’s (green, yellow and red) and operation is relatively smooth and quiet.

The bike is very simple to operate. The seven speed Shimano Deore or eight speed Sram X7 provide leverage for climbing or accelerating. One drawback of the bike is that,folding design makes the frame and pedals less stiff and it impacts ride quality.
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