ProdecoTech Outlaw EX Review

The ProdecoTech Outlaw EX is an affordable and feature rich bike that looks awesome and comes at a great price point. It offers solid two years warranty, and free shipping for fixes in the first 30 days.

The bike has a 750 watt gearless motor paired with a 48 volts Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack which offers 12 amp hours of power. Although gearless motors generally offer less torque than their geared counterparts, high wattage of this motor should be enough to move larger riders. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is stable and long lasting and is removable.

The bike has a rear light built right into the battery pack and hydraulic disc brakes that offers great stopping power. The pedals feel stiff and solid, the grips are beautiful, it’s clearly an enticing bike. One drawback of the bike is that it only offers throttle mode, no pedal assist.Read the complete review from

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