ProdecoTech Mariner 7 Review

The ProdecoTech Mariner 7 is one of the cheapest folding electric bikes available. It costs notably less than competitors and it offers solid two years warranty including battery pack.

The bike has a 300 watt geared motor that offers good torque and power with 500 watt peak output. This is fairly standard for ebikes where 350 watt geared hub motors have been the most popular choice for full sized offerings.  The motor is combined with a 38.4 volts battery pack that offers 9 amp hours of power. The battery is durable and removable.Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry is stable and provides more cycles than other Lithium-ion types.

Oversized disc brakes of the bike offers great stopping power. All ProdecoTech electric bikes cost less than competing brands because they are primarily sold online, bypassing a physical bike shop outlet. One downside of the bike is that it weighs nearly 50 pounds, while other competing offerings weigh closer to 40. Read the complete review from

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