Polaris Strive Review

The best word to describe Polaris Strive bike is “controlled”. The bike is smart, efficient, relatively light and potentially powerful. It offers a unique combination of efficiency and power.

The three modes of pedal assist are the best feature of the ebike.It has a 450 Watt brushless geared hub motor paired with  a 30 volts battery, which is on the higher side of mid-level. The bike offers some nice features including integrated cables, custom control unit and Lithium battery with regenerative braking. The high end Lithium ion battery will last 1,000+ cycles and reduces overall weight of bike. The computer is easy to use, and provides some fun extras such as smooth acceleration, carbon footprint savings and regenerative braking.

This is bike is available in both a high step and step-through design to accommodate different sized riders. Although 18mph top speed motor may be frustrating for those wishing to go faster down hills or just in general,for people who enjoy a smoother feel and lighter frame this bike could be a fit. Read the complete review from

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