Polaris Meridian Review

The Polaris Meridian includes fenders, chain guard and an LED light on the front which come in very handy for city riding and it has a unique design that supports relaxed upright positioning. It can be described as a “City Cruiser”.

The bike has a 450 Watt brushless rear hub motor with 30 volts of power. The wheels on the Meridian are 700c , so the tires can be more like a road bike. This strikes a balance between smooth rolling, absorbing bumps and efficiency. Custom LCD control unit is easy to use and includes extras such as carbon footprint calculation, pedal assist or throttle mode, plus regenerative braking.

High end Lithium ion battery is light weight and will last 1,000+ charges before decreasing capacity. The bike comes in two frame styles, high step and step-through for shorter riders or those who prefer easier mounting. For people who enjoy a lighter weight bike created by a long running trusted brand that isn’t designed for speed,this bike could be a good fit. Read the complete review from ElectricBikeReview.com.

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