PH2 rides the world’s first electric Harley-Davidson – Project LiveWire

The prototype electric Harley, Project LiveWire, has been reviewed by Piston Heads. 


The prototype bikes are neatly finished with Harley’s first cast aluminium frame housing a 300V battery and three-phase brushless electric motor.

The rest of the bike has a nice blend of the old, in the shape of Harley’s traditional switchgear, and the new, with a full colour touch screen dash. The suspension is quite high spec with fully adjustable inverted forks and a monoshock. The two-piston sliding caliper is not only a bit old-school though, it lacks ABS. LiveWire may only weigh 210kg, which is pretty light for an electric bike, but I’d like a bit more stopping power and definitely AB.

Read the full story here.

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