Pedego Trike Review

Pedego released this three wheel electric bike in 2013 after two years experiments. The Trike is durable, stable, simple and capable of hauling both passenger and cargo around town while reducing the chances of a fall.

At nearly six feet long by 2.3 feet wide, the Pedego Trike is slim enough to get through a standard sized 3 foot wide door. The bike uses a powerful 350 watts motor, 36 volt Lithium-ion battery with 10 amp hours of range.The only way to activate the motor on this bike is to twist the throttle which is mounted to the right side of the handlebar.

Pedego is known for building solid electric bikes from the ground up and the Trike is no exception. It comes with a soft leather seat and matching built-in back rest that tie in with the handlebar grips.The bike is very simple to operate, no fancy computer or different modes, just a key, on/off switch and a throttle. It does not offer pedal assist option but the twist throttle is intuitive to use and durable. Read the complete review from

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