Pedego Trail Tracker Review

The Pedego Trail Tracker bike is simple to operate and very durable. Its increased contact patch enables it to ride on sand, snow and other rugged terrain. Larger tires also provide cushion for improved riding comfort!

The bike has an ultra powerful 600 watt geared motor combined with a 48 volt Lithium-ion battery pack for improved torque and climbing ability. This is one of the most powerful mainstream electric bikes and a good choice for larger riders. Unlike its sister, the Interceptor, this bike comes with flatter mountain bike style handlebars and offers a less “upright” riding position.

Some notable features of the bike are:

  • Sprung seat, seat post shock and large balloon tires provide shock absorption when going over bumps
  • Twist throttle is intuitive and durable
  • Great pedals and kickstand

It is also mentionable that, the bike only offers one speed for pedaling.Read the complete review from

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