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Paris Plan To Promote Bicycling

Paris is going to take a mega project to promote bicycling. It has a long way to go to become the bicycle capitol of the world.

The plan includes 50 miles of new bicycle commuting routes that will crisscross the city from east to west and north to south. These two way bike highways will be completely separated from vehicular traffic to avoid collisions between them. Two of the new bike lanes will follow the banks of the Seine as closely as possible, offering tourists a unique opportunity to tour the City of Lights at a leisurely pace aboard rental bicycles.

Paris will invest more than $165,000,000 to the program over the next 5 years.In addition, 10,000 new parking spaces for bicycles will be added throughout the city. To help reduce conflicts between two and four wheel vehicles, the speed limit within the city will be lowered to 30 kph (18 mph), rising to 50 kph (30 mph) only on major arteries outside the central city.

Read the full article here.

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