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Much like the auto market saw the rise of the supercar, the electric bicycle market is seeing the rise of the super e-bike. The super e-bike is far removed from the average electric bicycle and is essentially a motorcycle hiding inside a lighter, simpler bicycle body. The new Trefecta DRT

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On February 15th 2015 I visited Santa Monica to meet Storm Sondors and his team along with Agency 2.0 to test ride the Sondors Electric Bike. Over 150 Indiegogo backers attended and everyone was given a wrist band to help organize test rides. I only got three minutes to ride

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Volton Alation ST 500 Bike

The Volton Alation ST 500 is a great ebike that looks nice, comes in three color options (red, white and black), and it offers good power, value and balance. As the name ‘Volton Alation ST 500’ implies, the bike has a strong 500 watt geared motor which provides more torque

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