OHM XU450 E2 Review

The OHM XU450 E2 is a sturdy, elegant, and simple-to-use ebike.  It features auto-shifting gears, a quiet belt drive system, fenders and a rack. The E2 part of the name stands for “electric” and two speeds which are actually switched automatically based on pedal cadence.

The bike uses the SRAM EMATIC drive system which is perfect for riders who just want to relax and cruise around.It has a 250 watt geared hub motor. Although the motor creates a bit more noise than gearless options, it is lighter weight and provides more torque. The battery for the bike is available in three sizes for increased range. The smallest,  a 36 volt 6 amp hours pack, is enough to reach 25 to 30 miles and keeps the overall weight down. The battery uses Lithium-ion technology and offers 1,000 cycles per charge.

Some cool features of the bike are:
1) Disc brakes offer great stopping power in wet conditions.
2) Awesome kickstand that works well and stays out of the way.
3) Lights are available as extras for added safety.

OHM is known for producing high quality bikes and they offers two year frame warranty and one year on battery and components.Read the complete review from

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