OHM Sport XS750 Review

The Sport XS750 is durable, fully featured, powerful and reliable high-end electric mountain bike. It’s easy to handle due to its relatively light weight, is responsive due to its torque-sensing pedal assist integration and is comfortable due to its fork and seat post shock absorption systems.

The bike uses a 350 watt motor and 37 volt Lithium-ion battery pack (BionX battery pack,SL 350 HT) with 9.6 amp hours of capacity. One of the major benefits this motor offers is regenerative braking and “regen mode” to capture energy when coasting down large hills. The bike has a well protected battery/controller pack, positioned above the downtube and stabilized by the seatpost. The integrated high-power front and rear lights are very helpful at night.Other nice feature of this bike is that, throttle mode and pedal assist mode can be used together.

The frame, components and electric drive systems on this bike work very well together. The mid-frame battery/controller unit is positioned above the bottom bracket and is protected from rocks and other train hazards by the burly downtube which makes perfect sense. At the same time, it can be easily removed with just one hand using a flip up lever making it easy to charge on or off the bike. For someone who wants a quality electric bike that’s easy to use and rated for off road riding, this would be an excellent choice.Read the complete review from

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