Motiv Shadow Review

The Motiv Shadow is a comfortable urban commuter electric bike with great style. It’s a bike that rides well, offers great versatility and delivers a range of battery options for more distance or power, and the price is decent.

The bike has a strong 500 watt geared rear hub motor that offers great torque. The motor is powerful, light weight and effective and it runs smoothly and operates relatively quiet but doesn’t offer regenerative braking or anything fancy. The motor is paired with a removeble 48 volt Lithium-ion battery pack that fits just behind the seat post tube.The battery can be charged on or off the bike. Multiple battery configurations are available for extending the rider or adding power.
Some commendable features of the bike are:

  • The LCD computer system is massive and easily adjustable to prevent glare.Also, it displays your speed, distance, battery capacity and pedal assist level.
  • Seven speed cassette includes an enlarged “hill climbing” gear.
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes work very well and provide lots of stopping power.

Motiv is a very responsive company and they provides good support. Besides, they offer an excellent lifetime frame warranty and two year battery warranty. One drawback of the bike is that it only offers pedal assist, no throttle mode. Read the complete review from

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