Low-Cost Electric Bike Suitable for All Terrains Draws Skepticism

The Sondors E bike is a low-cost electric bike for those with equal affinity for affordability and durability. But that’s precisely what is causing some to question its validity and feasibility.

The fat tire e-bike has a price tag of $650 contribuition to indiegogo, and is a bare bones type design.  No smart phone integration,  just a basic electric bike with a smaller motor.  But despite the bare bones approach the price tag seems too good to be true as noted by many e-bike connoisseurs and experts.

Agency 2.0 opened their campaign in January with an initial goal of $40,000. They ended the campaign this month with nearly $5.7 million in funding—6,860% of their ask. This makes the Sondors eBike one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Indiegogo. Yet, its mark-setting numbers has only raised the stakes for a project and perhaps-not-real creator all which are now surrounded in intrigue, lawsuits, and contractual fraud. No definite proof of malice or wrongdoing exists, which is why PSFK decided to report on the bike, but readers and potential buyers should be extremely wary.

Read the full story here.

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