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LEAOS E-Bike Wins the 2015 International Red Dot Product Design Award

A prominent jury comprising 38 experts chose the elegant LEAOS E-bike as the winner of the Red Dot Award for the year 2015. The award has been awarded annually for the last 60 years.

Armin Oberhollenzer founded Leaos in Bolzano, Italy in 2013 with a view to changing urban mobility in a sustainable way, and to create a new segment that offers style-oriented people flexible and sustainable mobility products. The E-bike was created in collaboration with the industrial designer Francesco Sommacal, Daniele Orfano and carbon engineers.

The company’s managing director Armin Oberhollenzer expressed his joys in his statement after winning the prestigious award and said that, it was incredibly satisfying for the whole team, and confirms that they heading in the right direction. Read full story here.

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