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Kyiv courier offers one-hour delivery on Electric Bikes

Traffic jams and rising gasoline prices has inspired Daniel Tonkopiy to launch a one-hour delivery service called Delfast on electric bikes.

The service is very popular with the people of Kyiv, in the Ukraine. More than 25 Internet stores have corporate accounts with Delfast and offer the service as their delivery option for merchandise weighing not more than seven kilograms. The price is fixed at Hr 50 (around $2) for anywhere within Kyiv’s city limits, with the uniformed and helmeted courier keeping Hr 20 for themselves.

Tonkopiy, CEO of Delfast, guarantees delivery between any two points within one hour inside Kyiv’s city limits. Besides his commercial interest, Tonkopiy delights in the fact that his business isn’t polluting Kyiv’s air any further. Because electric bikes are environment friendly. Orders for delivery can be placed by phone or online via the service’s website, where clients can register and set up a personal account.Read full story.

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