Juiced Riders ODK V3 Review

The Juiced Riders ODK V3 is one of the best electric powered cargo bikes available and the price is very reasonable considering the high end specs. It is easy to ride over long distances because in addition to the twist throttle it also offers a cruise control setting!

The bike has a super powerful 500 watt geared front hub motor paired with 48 volt Lithium-ion battery pack. With the juice of the battery, it can easily run 50+ miles per charge. The battery offers 22 amp hours of capacity which is double what most other ebikes offer! On the other hand, the geared design of the motor works very well and really helps to balance the weight of the bike out because it’s mounted on the front wheel. By leveraging a three speed SRAM geared hub, the chain is kept tight and thus won’t fall off and we can switch gears even at standstill.

Some commendable features of the bike are:

  • Disc brakes provide sufficient stopping power under heavy load.
  • Smaller 20″ wheels keep the weight of this bike low to the ground.
  • Built in “cruise control” button allows twist-free riding over long distances.
  • Low step design makes mounting, and resting with one foot very easy, this is especially helpful when hauling heavy loads.

One drawback of the bike is that, it has no light indicators, so it is difficult to tell the remaining capacity of the battery pack. But the good news is that,the founder of the bike is responsive and continuously improving the lineup. Read the complete review from

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