Juiced Riders ODK U500 Review

The Juiced Riders ODK U500 bike gets over 30 miles on a charge and that’s without pedaling! It is one of the best electric cargo bikes.

It’s a sturdy, thoughtfully designed cargo bike with a low center of gravity that’s easy to mount and handle. The bike has a super strong 500 watt front hub motor paired with 48 volt Lithium Manganese battery pack that offers 15 amp hours of capacity which is 50% more than most electric bikes. The battery is very well protected in a long aluminum case and completely surrounded by aluminum tubing.

The rear rack is one of the best parts of the bike. The bike has no computer console to show speed, distance, or precise battery level.  It has a cheaper LED indicator. Overall, the combination of thoughtful design choices, durability, warranty and low price combined with three fun colors make this bike a strong competitor in the world of electric cargo bikes and even as a stand along electric bike! Read the complete review from

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