IZIP Trekking Enlightened Review

The IZIP Trekking Enlightened bike is no longer being produced since 2009.

The bike was designed to be pedaled and this model followed European standards with a weaker 180 watt motor and 24 volt battery pack. It lacks throttle mode but features 24 speed, lights, fenders and shocks. Its lithium battery is light weight, offers many charge cycles and includes a one year warranty for the original owner. Pedal assist mode works well and extends the range of this bike.

180 watts is enough to move a rider on flats but it’s not a whole lot.One drawback is that the battery could not be easily removed, so you have to move the entire bike inside for charging. This bike was really a harbinger towards the E3 Path and other IZIP bikes that offer more features. Read the complete review from here.

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