IZIP Express Review

The IZIP Express bike was originally designed for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Bicycle Patrol Unit. The target was to create an ebike that could transport gear easily and last whole day long without running out of batteries. And finally the bike achieved that target!

The bike has a 750 watt high speed motor that sits just behind the seat tube.The motor of the bike is fast, strong, quite durable and very responsive.Unique mid-drive belt system delivers high torque for climbing and accelerating, speed pedelec design capable of 28+ mph.

Five levels of pedal assist can offer 50 miles range or more in the lowest setting. Powering this bike is an enormous 36 volt 20 amp hour Lithium-ion pack positioned in the main triangle space of the frame. This pack is also removable. The price of the electric bike is about $2,800. Read the complete review from

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