IZIP E3 Ultra Review

Unlike other traditional bikes the frame of the IZIP E3 Vibe bike is not larger, flexier and less responsive. The frame is solid, fast and light weight – especially considering how much power it packs in!

The IZIP E3 Vibe bike was built for pedaling performance and is one of the fastest riding ebikes around. The bike has a 500 Watt motor paired with strong 36 Volt battery. It has three speeds on the front chain ring and nine on the rear. That’s 27 speeds to choose from and unlike most ebikes we can actually take advantage of the higher gears because it’s so stable and solid to pedal on.

The tires are thin, firm and super efficient which lets it coast extremely well, extending range and making cornering a very comfortable experience. Total weight of the bike is 53.5 lbs (24.27 kg). In fact this bike is fun to ride, rigid, light and fast. Read the complete review from

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