IZIP E3 Path Review

The IZIP E3 Path is an easy and comfortable bike that offers both pedal assist and “twist and go” throttle mode. The beautiful fenders, painted rims, chain guard and tires make this bike a real beauty.

The bike provides several high quality extras that improve the aesthetic and function of the bike as a city or neighborhood rider. It’s an affordable, classic style electric bike with balanced features.The bike uses a 250 watt motor with 24 volt battery pack. Both the battery and motor on this bike are positioned at the rear so the bike is back-heavy which makes lifting it a bit awkward. But this layout is standard on many ebikes and has the benefit of applying force to the strongest points of the frame and keeping wires shorter and easier to manage.

It offers something unique in a the world of ebikes where larger motors and big beefy tires get a lot of attention.Lithium battery is light weight, offers many charge cycles and a one year warranty.Overall, this is a fun, affordable electric bike produced by Currie Technologies that looks great.Read the complete review from

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