IZIP E3 Compact Review

The IZIP E3 Compact electric bike is jointly made by Currie Technologies and Dahon. Currie Technologies is a leader in the electric bike space with years of experience. For the IZIP E3 Compact electric bike they chose to team with Dahon for the frame and added on their stock motor, battery pack and throttle system. The end result is the IZIP E3 Compact bike!

The bike has a 250 watt geared hub motor with a 36 volt Lithium-ion battery pack which offers 8.8 amp hours of power.The battery pack is also removable. The frame used with the E3 Compact is a relatively simple single speed design. Fewer gears means less maintenance and allows the chain to be kept tighter meaning it won’t bounce off when riding in electric throttle mode.The bike offers both pedal assist and twist and go throttle mode.

As a folding bike, this one has everything we could ask for and has two reputable companies, Currie Technologies and Dahon backing it up. The bike looks wonderful and functions very well with all of the electric cables neatly tucked away. One drawback of the bike is that,it only offers one gear for pedaling.Read the complete review from

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