IES Centaur Review

The International Ecologic Systems (IES) Centaur electric bike is powered by a large and heavy Lead-acid battery pack seated into the top tube, which results in decent balance. The bike is available in red or silver color schemes.

The bike is powered by a 190 watt side-mounted direct current motor similar to that of the eZip Trailz with a 36 volt Lead Acid battery pack. Although the integrated design is good, it is positioned high up on the frame making it less stable than a down tube mounted battery. Front and rear fenders keep us clean and dry in wet riding conditions. This bike was designed to go upwards of 25 miles per charge with a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

Some nice features of the bike are:front and rear headlights, a backlight power display, fenders, shocks and a beautiful clean aesthetic. One drawback of the bike is that it is extremely heavy(88 lbs) bike including the battery pack. Read the complete review from

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