Hebb ElectroGlide 500 Review

The ElectroGlide 500 bike is thoughtfully designed, incorporating all of standard ebike features well. It was one of the earlier models that Hebb produced and has since been replaced by the ElectroGlide 1000.

It is a solid performing commuter style ebike with fenders, lights and rear rack. The bike has a powerful 350 watt motor located on the front wheel combined with 37 volt battery pack which offers 10 amp hours of power. That’s pretty solid and should be enough for ~25 miles of riding.The battery is also removable.

Some cool features of the bike are:
1) It includes water bottle braze on mounting points on downtube.
2) Both lights are powered from the battery pack which is great!
3) The neck is adjustable for improved ergonomics and overall this bike rides very well.

This bike could be a great choice for a first ebike or a commuter style setup.One drawback of the bike is that,it has no pedal assist option, it only offers throttle mode. Read the complete review from

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