Ford Supercruiser Review

The Ford Supercruiser bike is capable of moving larger riders and is designed with comfort in mind over storage or range. It’s a chopper style electric bike with fully adjustable handlebars, a cush oversized seat and sturdy gusseted aluminum frame.

The bike has a powerful 600 watt geared hub motor paired with a strong 48 volt Lithium-ion battery pack capable of climbing hills and moving larger riders without pedaling. The strong motor provides extra torque and power. It’s capable of moving more weight and will get up to speed faster which makes it a lot of fun to ride, even for larger people or those living in hilly areas. The motor is not only powerful, but also it is relatively small and lightweight.

The electronics and drive system powering the bike are produced by Pedego, a leading electric bike manufacturer in the US based out of Irvine California which is known for their colorful beach cruisers that are approachable and reliable.
Some cool features of the bike are:

  • Double legged kickstand stays out of the way and works well.
  • Quality chain guard keeps pants clean, metal pedals work well and don’t slip, fenders keep down higher splashes.
  • Integrated bell works very well and keeps the handlebars clean.

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