Falcon 350 Review

The Falcon 350 is a light weight, sturdy and online-only electric bike that keeps the cost low but quality and features very high. The bike uses most of the hardware from Shimano brand, including the frame, gearset, pedals and hydraulic disc brakes.

The bike has a quiet, smooth and durable 350 watt gearless motor paired with a 36 volt battery pack that offers 12 amp hours of capacity. The battery pack can be charged on or off the bike. This bike is comparable to the Easy Motion bikes like the Neo Cross but one difference is the gearless design on the Falcon motor. 26″ wheels provide more torque with motor system vs. larger 29er. Falcon Electrics offer one year warranty for the bike and replacement or extra battery packs available for just $399!

LCD display unit of the bike shows pedal assist level, battery life, odometer, trip distance, speed, max speed, average speed, and elapsed time. Pedal assist mode offers five settings for improved performance or range and works well for slower climbing situations.The company offers free shipping worldwide.Read the complete review from

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