eZip Tri-Ride Review

The eZip Tri-Ride is an electric tricycle that provides stability and storage for riders who aren’t looking to go fast and don’t want to spend a lot getting there. It’s an affordable,well designed and entry level electric trike that could provide a lot of freedom and mobility to someone who worries about the stability of a regular bike.

It provides a lots of great options such as foldable rear basket, dual disc brakes with brake locks, removable battery etc.The Tri-Ride uses a powerful 500 watt geared front-mounted hub motor that provides lots of torque and helps to balance out the weight of a full basket and mid-mounted battery.The bike has a 36 volt 12 amp hour Lead-acid battery pack and the battery weight doesn’t really impact ride quality.

The seating position of the Tri-Ride is very upright and relaxed. Although top speed of bike is 12 miles per hour, the motor provides very good torque. Read the complete review from

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